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Love Snapchat? Don’t we all? Now you can download Snapchat for FREE on your iPhone, Android Devices, Windows Phone, Blackberry and even on your PC. This site is dedicated to bring you simple and easy guides to download Snapchat on all your devices and even get you connected with other Snapchatters.

No idea what Snapchat is? Not to worry, We’ll explain. Snapchat is was a mobile application which would allow you to send pictures/selfies with a friend/family or just complete randoms. Now we’re bringing Snapchat to a PC or Mac near you, With fully fledged guides to get you started on your Snapping adventures.

Now lets stop with this rubbish and get right into the guides and downloads. Below is a list of all Windows, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android, Blackberry, PC and Mac downloads each contained in their private pages for you to read and enjoy alone.

Snapchat for Android

Snapchat for iPhone/iPad/iPod 

Snapchat for Windows Phone

Snapchat for Blackberry

Snapchat for Mac

Snapchat for PC


Snapchat stats 2015

Want some STATS?

Snapchat is one of the largest social media platforms with a whopping 100 million active users and over 400 million snaps sent each day. Wooh! 70% of all Snapchat users are female.


Snapchat allows you to send photos taken from your device, Whether it be an iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry. Then allowing you to edit as your heart desires by adding custom text above it or even using a paint like option and drawing all over your amazing photography. Thats not enough? Snapchat also allows you to send videos of which can be a maximum of 10 seconds, However there is currently a hack as of right not to extend that. Head on over to our hack page to find out more.

Still not enough? Well Snapchat also offers a instant chat service which allows users to chat with anyone of there friends who are on their Snapchat. However this isn’t a normal instant messaging service as your message will be deleted once you close the app, ahh..

Please note: However your picture is deleted after your set time (Max 10secs) people are able to replay and screenshot your Snapchat.